Welcome to, the French property website for buyers looking to buy in central SouthWestern France. We offer a wide range of properties across all budgets - from renovation projects such as barns and houses just waiting for someone to come and revitalise them, to character properties such as country houses, stone farmhouses, and even chateaux that perhaps need just a lick of paint! We also offer rural, hamlet, village and town centre locations, so whatever you are looking for, I'm sure we'll have something special for you to look at.

■ Agence le Prince Noir is a fully registered, insured and independent French estate agency with an office located in the lively little town of Chaillac. Being conveniently situated on the borders of the Centre-Val de Loire, and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions, we cover the south of the department of the Indre, the north of the Haute-Vienne, and also stretch over to the eastern borders of the Vienne.

■ Recently, property hunters have woken up to the potential of Central France but in the past the area has been a little “off the beaten track” and so there are still some bargains to be had here. However, as you would expect, if you have a smaller budget, you will probably need to expect to do some renovation work to the property.

■ We are the actual French estate agent, not a middleman; and whilst we are English, we also speak French, as well as living and working here of course! We will take care of you throughout the whole buying process from property search and selection through to completion and moving in, and this includes arranging for your services to be connected! Our prices include the net vendor price (the sum that the vendor receives) and our estate agent fees, which is how French Estate agents will always display their prices. We can also let you know the cost of the Notaire's fees that you will need to pay on top of this, traditionally around 7-10% of the price shown. Our documents are translated into English for you and we will guide you every step of the way.